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Summary Of The Exam


Both the Academic and General tests are divided into two tasks which you have 60 minutes to complete.


Task 2 will contribute twice as many marks to your overall Writing score as Task 1.


Task 1


  • You should spend 20 minutes on Task 1. You will need to write a brief report on the (150 words) about a table, a graph or a diagram.
  • You will be marked on your ability to successfully convey the main points/themes and information displayed in the question.
  • You will also be marked on your use of grammar, vocabulary, organization and development


Task 2


  • You will have 40 minutes to write an essay discussing an argument, opinion or point of view.
  • You might be asked to write about one or more specific aspects of a topic: causes, effects, solution, factors, problems, measures, solutions, steps, risks, advantages, disadvantages, opinion for or against, etc.
  • You might be asked to give your opinion and/or suggestions for causes or solutions.
  • You will be marked on your overall response to the question – how well you have answered the question – and on your organizational skill, the development of your argument, vocabulary and grammar.
  • In all elements of the marking you will be marked on BOTH accuracy and range. This means even if you use everything correctly you will not get high marks if you only use simple language – so make sure you have a wide range of vocab and grammar structures.
  • You will not be marked on specialist knowledge.


Assessment & Grading


Tasks in Academic and General Modules will be assessed by four main key criteria which are:




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