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Some General Advice


Some Helpful Hints


The Listening Test takes 30 minutes, roughly 20 minutes to listen to the recording and answer the questions, and 10 minutes to write your answers on the answer sheet.


·         The test has 40 questions in total divided into four sections.


·         You will hear the tape only once and the listening passages become harder as the test goes on.


·         Section 1 is usually based on real life social situations like making travel arrangements, visiting another country, renting an apartment or enrolling in University. It is usally a conversation between two people.


·         Section 2 is also usually based on some kind of real-life social situation, but is usually only one person talking - something like a news broadcast or a teacher explaining the schedule for a college trip.


·         Section 3 is usually based on some kind of educational or training situation. It can have up to four speakers. For example a group of students working together on a project, discussing a plan for an assignment or a teacher discussing course options.


·         Section 4 is the most difficult section and is usually based on an educational or training situation. For example it may be a lecture given by an expert like a museum curator or a lecturer in a university.


·         Spelling is not marked in the test unless the word is spelt on the tape but it is really important that the marker can read your answers.


·         When you do the test, you will write your answers on the listening question paper; at the end of the test you will have 10 minutes to copy your answers to the Listening Answer Sheet. It’s really important that you copy ALL the answers to the sheet in this time.


Do’s and Don’ts




·         Listen carefully to the introduction to each section. This will give you useful information about the situation and the speakers.


·         Use the time at the beginning of each section (and in the middle of Sections 1 – 3) to look through the questions and think about the topic.


·         Read the instructions for each task carefully. Remember to check the maximum number of words allowed.


·         Write all your answers as you listen – remember you won’t hear the recording a second time.


·         Check that what you write makes sense in the context.


·         Answer all the questions even if you don’t feel sure about an answer – you may have understood more than you think.


·         Wait until the end of the test to transfer your answers. You have ten minutes for this which is plenty of time.


·         Write clearly when you transfer your answers. If an answer isn’t clear on your answer sheet, you will lose the mark.


·         Check your spelling.




·         Don't worry if you have to cross out or change an answer.


·         Don't panic if you miss one question. Look ahead and concentrate on the next one.


·         Don't try to rephrase what you hear. Write down the words you hear which fit the question.


·         Don’t write more than the maximum number of words or letters allowed for each answer.


·         Don’t copy any words that were printed on the Question Paper when you transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet.



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