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Read the task questions carefully. Rephrase them to yourself if you are not sure you fully understand them. Constantly refer back to the question to check that you are not digressing from the topic. Briefly plan your answer, especially for Task 2 in the academic modules.


The two writing tasks are of different lengths. You should thus spend about 15 minutes on Question 1 and 30 minutes on Question 2.


The two writing tasks are of different types: Question 1 may be a description of a diagram or a letter etc, Question 2 may be an essay or a report etc. Modify your writing style according to the question.


Write as neatly as possible. This makes it easier for the examiner to mark your work, and there is less chance the examiner will misunderstand what you have said. Also, don’t write in capital letters – it’s simply not the way people write in daily life!


Write neatly, but do not waste time by writing a rough draft, then rewriting it. Write one draft only and don’t write on every second line – this will make it harder for the examiner to see your paragraphing.


Don’t write an essay title as this will not be marked, don’t writing in capital letters because that’s not how people write in English - use joined up writing if you know it’s readable.


If you have spare time at the end, check your work for small errors verb agreements, plurals, punctuation. These things are easily corrected and are important in deciding what mark your work will receive.








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