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•         Practice - Practice exams and sample papers as often as possible. You can use the Take a Practice Test feature of this site to receive a trial score, a detailed report on your paper and recommendations for tutorials. Regular practice will not only improve all aspects of your English but allow you to become comfortable with the test format and get your timing just right.



•         Topic - Read and reread the questions to ensure you have understood the prompt correctly and have not misunderstood the question or the key features of the diagram/letter. This will help ensure your writing is relevant to the prompt



•         Organise - Always make a rough plan of the structure of what you are going to write and what you’re paragraphs will contain before you begin. This will allow you to ensure you meet the requirements of the task and your paper is organized and coherent. Don’t be afraid to sketch out your ideas on the question paper as this is acceptable.



•         Link - Make sure you use connectives and linking words to link your sentences, paragraphs and ideas. This will help greatly with the cohesion.



•         Use your Vocabulary - Try to push yourself to use as much vocabulary as possible ensuring you use any new vocabulary and expressions. Remember you are trying to show your knowledge of the English language and the person will not know how much vocabulary you know unless you use it.



•         Check - With enough practice you should find that you will have a few minutes to spare at the end of the test. It is very important that you use this time to check through your work looking for spelling mistakes and errors in grammar that you commonly make. Fixing these mistakes may well put your overall grade up a considerable amount



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