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How to Compare and Contrast




Repeat the process above for each of the main points, but rememeber to use different grammar structures and words.


·         Use the language mentioned above when comparing and contrasting: was greater than, increased less than, was much more stable than, relative to…grew very little


·         Remember to use conjunctivess like: while/whereas/but/at the same time


·         Connective features: however/at the same time/over the same period/by contrast/on the other hand/meanwhile


·         Try focusing on specific items by using terms like: turning to (the over 60s), they/in regard to/with respect to/as far as…is concerned/when it comes to


·         Try using different tenses to compare data:


o   Past simple – The population rose from 1960 to 1980


o   Past perfect – Before 1960, the population had previously never exceeded…however, after 1960


o   Present tense - As we can see, the total population over the period rises from…to…


o   Present perfect – Compared to five yars ago the population has risen considerably


o   Future pefect – The estimates indicate that by 2020 the population will have risen


o   Future simple – The predictions forcast the population will rise to…in


Forecasts and predictions


o   Try usine referencing and substitution, terms like: It is estimated that/it is forecast/estimates indicate/projections forecast the trend to continue/will have…by/is expected to/is set to


Other useful verb sequences you can use include:


o   rose from…to


o   rose increasing from…to


o   increased to…overtaking/outstripping/soaring past


o   levelled off at a maximum of…before falling again


o   increased greatly relative to…


o   fell sharply before rising again to a new high


o   rose sharply, while/wheras…fell dramatically




o   Usually one sentence is enough


o   Try using words like: Generally/In conclusion/Overall/It can be clearly seen/In sum/It is evident



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