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Dos and Don'ts





·         Listen carefully to the introduction to each section. This will give you useful information about the situation and the speakers.

·         Use the time at the beginning of each section (and in the middle of Sections 1 – 3) to look through the questions and think about the topic.

·         Read the instructions for each task carefully. Remember to check the maximum number of words allowed.

·         Write all your answers as you listen – remember you won’t hear the recording a second time.

·         Check that what you write makes sense in the context.

·         Answer all the questions even if you don’t feel sure about an answer – you may have understood more than you think.

·         Wait until the end of the test to transfer your answers. You have ten minutes for this which is plenty of time.

·         Write clearly when you transfer your answers. If an answer isn’t clear on your answer sheet, you will lose the mark.

·         Check your spelling.




·         Don't worry if you have to cross out or change an answer.

·         Don't panic if you miss one question. Look ahead and concentrate on the next one.

·         Don't try to rephrase what you hear. Write down the words you hear which fit the question.

·         Don’t write more than the maximum number of words or letters allowed for each answer.

·         Don’t copy any words that were printed on the Question Paper when you transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet.



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